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Nurse Practitioner

People and Culture – Toronto, Ontario
Department People and Culture
Employment Type Part-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Nurse Practitioner- Ontario

I am WELLO. Are you?

I thrive in an environment that pushes growth and ambition. I believe that you never stop learning; that we must capitalize on technology for the greater good of people.

I believe that work isn’t a place you simply go to, but something that you do. I believe that my workplace should encourage preventative health measures rather than just focusing on symptoms.

I believe in a future that doesn’t let geography get in the way of progressive health care.


Joining our team as a Nurse Practitioner means you will diagnose, treat and manage illnesses.  You’ll have the opportunity to order and interpret screening and diagnostic tests.  You’ll provide advice, coaching and counselling that will help inspire healthy and amazing lives.

Are you WELLO?

If you have a master’s degree in nursing and at least 2 years of experience…you are half way there! But we need you to value growthpassionteam and of course, care.  You will need to demonstrate that you can use and are open to new technologies that push companies forward. Finally, you will be prepared to work from home as we grow our organization in the Canadian marketplace.

Why become WELLO?

Because it’s time to change the way Canadians view healthcare. Because this isn’t just a job you want to go to, it’s a lifestyle you want to adopt. Because you know there are others like you – passionate, caring and ambitious – these people will help you to get the most out of your career.

We are seeking an experienced Nurse Practitioner to work within Wello’s exciting, entrepreneurial, community-based program. Wello is dedicated to helping clients get well and keep well, through the use of telemedicine. Wello is backed by 39 years of medical expertise from INLIV, a health and wellness service designed to inspire amazing lives through medical, fitness, medical aesthetics, wellness, and health.

We are a team-orientated health and wellness business that inspires amazing lives through medical, fitness, medical aesthetics, wellness and health services. Be challenged to think outside the box, collaborate with an enthusiastic team, seek out new opportunities and make them a reality. /

It’s your world. Go conquer it

We are looking for a Nurse Practitioner who is

  • Passionate about medical care including acute, chronic and preventative care
  • Confident and compassionate
  • Out-going, high energy, with a passion for life, health-care and wellness
  • Dedicated to delivering services to client to assist them to get well and keep well, throughout their lives
  • Is willing to work remotely and is comfortable with technology to ensure ability to provide care and guidance by video and phone.
  • An independent thinker who works well with others and within a team structure
  • Dedicated to an excellent patient-centered experience
  • An excellent communicator, able to effectively converse with both patients and team members

       NP Role Responsibilities:

      • Work to full scope of practice
      • Diagnose, treat and manage urgent, acute and chronic illnesses
      • Order and interpret screening and diagnostic tests
      • Perform procedures and treatments
      • Prescribe medications and therapeutic interventions
      • Provide advice, coaching and counselling related to prevention of illness or injury
      • Client report management and communication with entire health care team
      • Involvement with all administration tasks.
      • Have access to a locked, home office


      • Bilingualism is an asset
      • Must be licensed in one of the following provinces AB,BC or ONT and eligible for licensing in all.
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        Toronto, Ontario
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        People and Culture
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